Our management team is ably led by Mr. Sateesh K. who has more than 15 years of experience in academic administration. He specializes in building institutions from scratch and believes in providing education for all round development. He believes that education does not mean only academic growth it also means over all development of the students.

His endeavor is to create patriotic Indian who can build the team from scratch contribute to both economic activity and nation building by being aware of the India culture and values which seems to have been eroded from our system.


In his previous roles he has worked as Dean of Chaitanya Educational Institution. He is known for being an educationist with a vision.

Mrs. Vasudhra has played varied roles in different organizations. She started her career as an Assistant Professor in Human Resources and is also technological savy having worked as IT developer with a leading organization in Hyderabad.

Her understanding of human side and technological sides of things makes her immensely popular among the student community. She has immense love and knowledge for Indian culture and values and her teaching derives strength from her belief. She also believes that educational system which does build on the moral values of the student is not a strong system.