The school believes in creating a responsible and ethical future citizen who is equipped with all the knowledge required to be a thought leader. To achieve the goal the school believes Indian way of education followed by our forefathers is the only way forward.

Sadacharam along with Vidya and Sadvidya is the best way of creating individuals with rounded personality. Walking encyclopedias without ethical values can be dangerous for the society at large. Indian society is built on a set of values which have played an important role in helping the Indian civilization survive the test of time.


Teaching a student what to do without telling him how to do it can spell disaster. These days a lot of educational institutions tell students what needs to done to be ethical. However the show and tell method of imparting moral values is conspicuous by its absence. We believe in following the show and tell method used traditionally by gurukuls.

The school believes in the philosophy of total devotion of the students to the teachers. We also believe parents involvement in the process of teaching and learning is important. Hence we invite parents to motivate the students. At Sri Vatsal we do not believe in treating students as clients; instead we believe in shaping the career of the student in the long run. We firmly believe in rigors that should be a part of the teaching and learning process.