Vidya refers to providing academic growth by developing the acumen and intelligence of the individual. Following are the components of Vidya:
1. Creativity refers to possessing
a. Technical expertise – ability to know how anything works
b. Skills - Ability to actually implement
c. Arts and Music – Ability to create something new that has got aesthetic value
d. Sports – ability to perform in various games so as to prove one’s prowess.

2. Leadership - ability to lead and manage a group comes from
a. Responsibility – Taking the full responsibility of one action of omission and commission
b. Constructive use of Power – Using power with humility is an important characteristic of a leader. This leads to proper development.
c. Vision – Ability to visualize the future goals and course of action
d. Motivation – helps a leader propel best performance among his team members


3. Dynamism
a. Pro activeness – ability to perceive challenges posed by a situation and find solutions.
b. Confidence – Poise and Confidence is required for the purpose of dealing with dynamism
c. Eagerness and Enthusiasm – helps face challenges by ever changing situation.

4. Ambition – aims to help achieved desired goals
a. Focus - Ambitious people are focused and know what they want
b. Forevision – Ability to visualize the future helps in aim realistically
c. Effectiveness - of one’s action comes from being ambitious