“India has an exam system not an education system.“ Bharat Ratna Dr. C N R Rao – Former Head, Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (SACPM, 2011 ),

In today’s India there is no dearth of educated youth, however there is a dearth of skilled youth. We at Sri Vatsal Gurukul Vidyalaya believe that there is no need to overhaul the system to solve the problems that seems to ail Indian education system. We believe it is high time to go “Back to the roots.”

We firmly are of the opinion that a student who embarks on the journey of enlightenment needs a guru who can help him discover and rediscover his latent potential and thus lead him to achieve what he is capable of. This requires total devotion of ateacher who can drive the efforts of the student.


On the other hand teachers need to have blind faith in their teachers and their ability to mould their lives. Sadly both are conspicuous by their absence. Hence the need of the hour is to create an education system that is sensitive to the need of the students on one hand and to the parents on other hand.

The philosophy behind starting this school is to help rediscover Indian way of education. In India there is no dearth of schools however we strongly believe that most of the schools are confusing the kids by trying to do too many things at a time. We at Sri Vatsal do not believe in reinventing the wheel.

We believe in going back to the roots to build an education systemwhich helps improve the basis o f education system.This methodology aims at creating true thought leaders. India was acknowledged as a true leader once upon a time and we are of the firm opinion that the credit for the same should go to the education system of that time which was directed towards creating individuals with knowledge and values. The strength of the education system is in it’s ability to create rounded personality. Following are the salient feature of the system:

• The system aims at first identifying the strength of the students and then aiming to help them grow in their chosen area of expertise.
• “Teachers as Parents” – Teachers have an important role to play in gurukul system of education as the system is built on the premise of total devotion from all the stakeholders. Most student will not be able to dedicate themselves to the cause until and unless they see the same sincerity in teachers which they see in parents.
• The pedagogy emphases equally on both " Vidya ” and “Sadvidya”.
• It is important to be close to nature when learning. We lay a lot of emphasis on the same. We have 3 acres of playground which is used strategically for yogaoutdoor games, Meditation and Sadcharam.

K. Satish