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  • Srivatsal-Gurukul-Vidyalaya
  • Srivatsal-Gurukul-Vidyalaya

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    Gurukul Vidyalaya

Sri Vatsal Gurukul Vidyalaya is our endeavor to go “Back to the Roots.” At Sri Vatsal we provide the students an opportunity to discover their true self.

The school is promoted by a group of educationist and evangelists for the purpose of providing value education without compromising on the basic ethics. The school provides residential, day school, and semi residential facilities for the students. The course curriculum would include both CBSE and Telangana State Board.

The main premise of starting the school is to ensure a more ethical and responsible future generation hence a lot of emphasis is laid on both academics and discipline. Academics alone cannot ensure discipline. A student’s ability to get the larger picture correct plays an important role in disciplining the students. Thus the school management also believes that there are lots of important lessons which can be learnt outside the class in playgrounds or while organizing events during important Indian festivals. Hence, show and tell method is used to make students aware of the Indian culture. Sri Vatsal Gurukul is considerd as one of the best schools in Hyderabad.


The school is built on an area of 3 acres of land, hence there is sufficient place for students to play and have fun. We believe in harmony of body and soul. The school believes in giving opportunity to students to organize various events on their own and hence enable them to develop their overall personality.The school would give students opportunity to improve their oratory skills by consistently performing on the stage. The school further promotes outdoor games such as skating, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, football and cricket under the guidance of experienced coaches.

We provide indoor games such as chess, caroms, shuttle, lawn tennis and table tennis. In order to help students develop a rounded personality the school would have a dedicated team of counsellors, mentors and motivational speakers. These experts would help student identify their inner strength and achieve their goals. In order to facilitate students to grow intellectually the school would also promote vedicmaths and meditation. Sri Vatsal Gurukul is considerd as one of the best Gurkul schools in Telangana.

The school would have an open air theater, so as to project educational movies. The school ensures clean and student friendly hostels to help develop the overall personality of the students. It would have common room and reading place.

The Guiding force behind Sri Vatsal Gurukul Vidyala


1. Education with discipline is the hall mark of our existence.
2. Understanding Indian culture inculcates discipline among students
3. Education without rigor is meaningless
4. Lessons in the sports field are as important as in classroom.
5. Understanding oneself is as important as understanding the books
6. A good career is a by-product of rounded personality. We help develop one.


Back to the roots

The school aims at reviving the lost Indian traditions and Indian method of teaching which is principally aimed at developing a rounded personality with Indian values. The Indian values are essentially centered around developing an individual who is not devoid of empathy.

State of the Art Infrastructure

The school management ensures state of the art infrastructure. However, as the school strives to revive Indian culture care has been taken to create an environment which helps providing education in open space and keeps the student near to nature.

Teachers - Philosophers, Friends

Teachers at Sri Vatsal play the role of philosophers, friends and guides. The teacher ensures students get to learn at their own pace as the size of the class is restricted to 20. They are not mere instructors. They have a wider role to play ....