Sri Vatsal Gurukul is an endeavor to help rediscover the lost glory of Indian education system. The focus in this system is on developing the overall personality of the students in the same way in which the gurukuls helped princes become better decision makers before they acquired kingdom from their father. We at Sri Vatsal strive to create the leaders of tomorrow.

We dissuade students from learning by rote and focus on students learning through experience. A student who is not able to visualize the concepts that has been learnt will not be able to practice them. In today’s dynamic world every individual has a chance to be the king and decide his own destiny. Hence the Indian way of creating thought leaders is what we adopt to shape the career of our children.


We firmly believe that a student who gets attention from his teachers is more confident to face the real world. Hence the number of students in each class is restricted to 20. Each student is allowed to learn at his own pace. Special attention is provided to students who the world perceives as slow learners. We believe that many of these so called slow learners are actual thinkers and need experiential learning rather than learning by rote.

To streamline education we have divided traits required into two categories Vidya and Sadvidya. We have also adopted different methods of teaching from gurus across the globe such as Socratic Way of leading students to the right answer by asking questions rather than by providing answers.

In short we focus on customized student based , skill enhancing techniques, which are inquiry based and aimed at creating rounded personalities.